Preaching was never on my list of things to do in life. I had a good job working at Lone Star Steel Co. and my goal was to have the best cattle in northeast Texas. In 1976 at the Dallas district assembly God spoke to me clearly and said, “Pat, I want you to preach.” I replied, Lord, you have made a big mistake. Not me.” I shared my heart with my parents and my pastor and I was told the same thing. “If you can get to heaven without preaching, don’t preach.” I fought the call for one year, but it would not leave. Then I heard the Lord clearly say, “Pat, preach the Gospel or lose your soul.” That settled it. My soul was worth more than all the cattle and money in the world. I resigned my job, sold all I had and enrolled in Southern Nazarene University in January 1977. 

Following graduation in May 1979 I entered full-time evangelism after sensing God’s definite guidance into this ministry that I love. Across the years God has proven Himself faithful time and time again. Many times across the years it has been the definite call, “Preach the Gospel or lose your soul” that has kept me anchored. It has been a great journey and I don’t regret a mile.

In 1983 I received the Master of Ministry degree from Trinity Theological Seminary. I currently hold Tenured status as an evangelist in the Church of the Nazarene. A great preacher of the past once said, “To know God’s will is man’s greatest knowledge and to do God’s will is life’s greatest accomplishment.”
I thank the Lord for calling me and allowing me the privilege to serve in His Kingdom in these days as an evangelist.